The cry for peace in Afghanistan

By: Hayatullah Amiree

I think the topic speaks for itself. The prevailing conditions/circumstances clearly indicate that how much are we in favor of peace in our country. Let it be the frightening terrorist attacks or the lethal military forces of the super powers of the worlds, the only message that is being carried through such acts, is the thirst for peace.

Everyone in this country is afraid of losing their lives, they cannot send their children to school because they have no idea either their children will return safe and sound or not. The fear of terrorist attacks made enough places in people’s hearts due to which they cannot allow their loved ones to go out for any particular piece of work because they don’t know about their return back home.

My heart really cries when:

When I observe bloodshed

When I find homeless people

When I observe poverty

When I see students having cigarette on their hands instead of books and pen

When I observe unemployment

When I see irresponsible people

We always think and say that what this country has given rather thinking what we have given to our beloved country – Afghanistan? We may not even know the actual meaning of Afghanistan- the land of bravery but alas we are not brave enough to protect the land from poverty, unemployment, irresponsibility and other incidents that cause the country towards poverty, bloodshed and a destructive future.

If we go through the fundamental of all the religions that exit in this world, we will surely find one thing common and that is promoting and encouraging peace throughout the world but why? Why is that so? The answer is, No matter how our methodologies and perspectives are different but goals are the same i.e. to serve Humanity and that is only possible if peace will be established.

Man who has come to rule the world should think about this, all men should think about this that peace can only be found in hearts. Good quality, wisdom and clarity must provide an explanation within each hear. Man can bring peace if he brings God’s justice and his himself. So before we speak of peace, let us try to acquire God’s words within ourselves. If we can do that our speeches will be fruitful and peace can be established.

Man must find peace, tranquility, happiness, love and every good quality within his own life, within his own innermost heart. Only a person who does that can understand the difficulties, pain and misery of others. A man of wisdom will know this, understand this and rectify his own mistakes and then can help others. This way we can bring peace in its true meaning

Long Live Afghanistan!!


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