Mother’s Day Celebration

I saw thousand smiles on thousand amazing, hardworking and iron women (mother) of Afghanistan on today’s event. “Hayat Amiree”


The day started quite tiring after sleeping late night around 1:00 am. I am sure my friends from Karachi, Pakistan would definitely wonder because Karachi in itself is a city of lights and busyness where people sleep around 2 or 3 am but it is Kabul, Afghanistan friends, We usually sleep around 8:00 or 9:00 pm.  It was around 9:30 am in this morning when I received a call from one of my colleagues for today’s program – Mother’s Day Celebration.

The program took place at Hakim Nasir Khusraw Balkhi Cultural Centre’s conference hall where the largest Quran-e-Sharif exists in this world. Hundreds of women were invited to celebrate mother’s day and to honor them for their kindness, generosity and being an inspirational personality in everyone’s life. I know I can’t express it quite well because these wordings won’t be enough for me to express my love for my mother and all the mothers around the world.

When I entered HNKB Cultural Centre, at first I saw girls moving around and for a moment I was wondering if its mother’s or girl’s day or if God has become too kind to me but then after hearing some old voices from the conference hall, I came to know the reason behind the crowd.

The day organized by a well known personality in our society – H.E Ms.Farkhunda Zahra Naderi, the founder of Chadari foundation – a foundation based on women’s rights, executive director of HNKB Cultural Centre, women rights activist, member of Inter Parliamentarian union for democracy and human rights committee and currently is Member of Parliament representing Kabul, Afghanistan. When I saw those mothers’ smiles and them taking part in the event to express themselves, I really felt good and proud for having such amazing mother who has always encouraged me and I remember that whenever I was about to fail in life, my mother was there to hold my hand and give me the confidence to do more and more in life.

Therefore I highly appreciate their (Mothers) efforts and everlasting stamina for bestowing their children a different world with a different path. Wish you all a very Happy Mothers’ Day!