Kabul to Bangalore

  “A Journey that an afghan lad has always desired for”

kabul to bangalore

It was June 18th 2012 that we left Karachi, Pakistan for Kabul after an incredible curiosity for undergraduate scholarship in order to pave my way for success, that had brought me nothing but disappointment and discouragement. Knocking government’s every educational office’s doors for the verification of my intermediate certificates and their way of making me realize that I am an Afghan and I do NOT belong to this country- Pakistan though my love for this country was always worth praising because I have had the best people around me within those 2 years’ worth cherishing moments of my college life and the love will always remain the same because I know the fact that the act of minority doesn’t represent a nation, caste or religion.

Asking for character certificate from police department as a requirement for Brunei Darussalam’s undergraduate scholarship application 2011-2012 and not bribing them (cops) a single penny, was almost like snatching their salary exactly the way the robbers used to snatch my mobile phone worth 400 rupees on gun point but the gratitude would definitely go to ma’am shahida – An advocate from UNCHR’s office who helped me by not letting the police to get the money out of my poor pocket aaah! what would they get out of it when it was all empty.

The struggle, curiosity and sticking desire was always there for this undergraduate scholarship because I knew it that without this scholarship word in my life I will not be able to get what I always wished for within just the required time. I knew it that I had to stick to the point and hold on the grip and not to lose hope in order to be a productive member of this so called society and I knew that I will soon be the only one in my family who then be called a well-educated person. The desire was/is not only to make the family feel proud but the country while being part of a positive change for the youth and bring awareness regarding education, gender equality, business or anything that can inspire them to do more in life for the sake of humanity, for the sake of love for the country – People.

Getting back to the track, I can still remember one of those summer season’s day when the laborers/drivers were all under the burning heat of the sun striving for life, when I was sitting at a corner of my room with a coolest friend – dell Laptop core i3 – waiting curiously for this Brunei Darussalam scholarship’s result for which I had to struggle and face all these hiccups for almost a year. Was using this famous social networking site – Facebook and updating a status about Karachi’s load shedding  when I received this email:

Dear Hayatullah Amiree,

With regret to inform you, that the government of Brunei Darussalam is not able to offer you the scholarship.

We wish you best of luck for a better and stable future ahead

Yes, that was the time when I had to decide to move for a new change and hope. I already had my Dad’s pressure on me to move to Kabul, Afghanistan, but due to having such kind hearted, generous, funny and crazy people around, I couldn’t take the final decision of leaving Karachi after my intermediate until the circumstances compelled me to do so.

Perhaps dad was right and I didn’t know what was good for me due to which I wasted almost two years struggling with zero in my pocket.

18th June 2012 – Here I am in Kabul Afghanistan with new people, new perceptions, mountains, dust, love and hospitality around. All mixed up. I had this image of Afghanistan as a talibanized country with those contrasting perceptions that people associate with but after coming here and observing people’s generous and kind attitude towards each other, I found it as a home. By the time I started dealing with new people excluding my relative, I found this violation word for women which I used to read and hear a lot in newspapers or on online news agencies. I started working in H.E Ms. Farkhunda Zahra Naderi’s parliamentarian office as a volunteer, well yeah, you can call me a social activist because it was all based on eliminating violence against women and I personally were doing my bit in raising voice against this violation word on women in Afghanistan. Wrote several articles regarding women. The best moments were when we went to an orphanage and spent time with those Afghans having million dollars’ worth smile and making them realize in the form of gifts, laughter and many more, that they are NOT alone in this world. It shouldn’t be unsaid that when I along with Ms.Naderi herself and a group of energetic young people donated blood for mothers on the day – International Mothers’ Day, it taught me a lot about humanity, love for mothers and respect for women which I am not able to spell them out in to just an article.

Being a volunteer in FZN’s parliamentarian office, I got tons of experience with me on social behavior, social services and how to  thrive in a professional environment although I was not completely familiar with Persian language/literacy due to which Afghanistan threw problems on my way while communicating with people.

Despite all the hurdles and difficulties, I had to stick to the point and not to lose hope, I thought to myself because once the king of salem well said in Paulo Coelho’s the Alchemist, “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” That was exactly why this hope and patience was within me with a never-to-lose-hope decision.

It had been almost a year working as a volunteer. People almost got this habit of behaving with me as a loser but deep down within me, I had this positive feelings and sense of victory. A hundred or two were quite enough to cope up with the whole month’s expenses, but what more could have been done when I had this disturbing burden of unemployment and financial crises on my head. Although I knew it that I had to be a helping hand for the family in order to financially stabilize it, but after a hell lot of struggle for a job, I had to be with this five letters of word – SORRY.

It was the second month of 2013 when I received an email subjecting Indian Undergraduate Scholarship for Afghan students. Felt relaxed, positive and curious towards the eligibility criteria and the whole procedure in order to have a total control on this turning point in my life. Submitted the applications for 16 students to the Indian Embassy, Kabul because as a volunteer it was my job to register the names of the students who desire to apply for it and select 16 best students on the basis of some rules/conditions or criteria. So I started hitting the ground running after a successful training for 16 applicants out of 500 for this Indian Undergraduate Scholarship aptitude test due to which 11 applicants passed and headed towards India for a better/bright future. Luckily I was also one of these applicants who were to leave Kabul soon for a new and tremendous change in life.

It was really hard to leave family behind. Never had seen dad’s tears for me, he never wanted me to go away because I had been the best son of him. He told me, “He had to control his emotions and let me go because I had my future on the track and he wanted me to live up my dreams”. I stepped out of the house having dad’s and mom’s blessings with me for a better/bright future and a world of inspirations with me.

Here I am on my way for what I have always dreamed and been through all the spoken/unspoken incredible problems. The journey always taught me something at its every stage but what really inspired me, was that if your intentions are clean and you never give up for your dreams, no one can stop you to get what you always wished/desired for.

11th July 2013, Bangalore – The city of rush and diversity with a really pleasant weather. You will find people from a diverse community including girls which is the best part about it. Anyways apart from cracking jokes, here I am in a new place, with new people, and a great opportunity to learn, to enhance.

Being an afghan has always been hard to be. Every time you see people, you have to prove that you’re not terrorist and that is the reason that I have been trying to build a positive image of Afghanistan by getting people in to this beautiful and positive picture. It is not that only some minority been the cause for social discrimination in Pakistan but in India as well while registering myself at FRRO- Foreign Regional Registration Office. Discrimination happens everywhere around the globe, Well said our English teacher because I believe, “We cannot blame the whole country or nation on the basis of act of minority.”

Well let’s not get in to this political discussion or whatever we name it. We should not forget that we are here to learn in order to be productive members of the society via Bangalore’s one of the prestigious institutions – Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies – exactly where I am proudly doing my Bachelor in Business Management and so I hope to go real good with it.


Guess why i used the word proud? Cause i have earned it!



17 thoughts on “Kabul to Bangalore

    1. Thank you very much Zainullah Afghan Lashkary. No comment could be better than this. You have defined it all in just a simple sentence

    1. Thank you very much. Your inputs regarding the article is highly valued. well then i have to write about a love story 🙂 – Pakistan to Kabul

  1. Hayat you really proved this proverb that “sabr ka phal meetha hota hai” you had patience you wait for everything you desired for after all you get it.By reading this all, others will just read it and pass it away as your past story but i have read it with my inner feelings i have come through all your hard times yeah once we went to “mousisa tahsilat aali” for scholarship but didnt get any news about scholarship 😦 sad face )-: but you continued your struggle for your hope…now you are living your dream and struggling for your future so wish you all the very best i pray for your success be topper of your university i really miss you here 😦

    1. Dear Jamil.. Thank you very much brother. Yeah i still can remember the day when we were heading towards this ministry of higher education, Kabul Afghanistan with a desire of undergraduate scholarship which left both of us with nothing but disappointment, but some how that incident encouraged indirectly to keep on with this curiosity… Through this piece of article i would want to be a living evidence for all the lads who have desires in their lives for a better future but they loose hope at the very last step of victory… Perhaps this article change atleast one’s life/perception and give him/her the courage to move forward and to do more in life

      1. this article already impressed me bro but as you know what we decided before you leave kabul about scholarship you remember

    1. Thank you for your valuable inputs Jayanth kumar… and thank you for welcoming…. bangalore itself is a city of rush and diversity, there are a lot to learn, to enhance

  2. Nice article bro.. very well written and especially i liked the fact that you are trying to prove not only yourself but also promoting a good image about your country. I agree with you that because of the acts of certain minority people, a nation can’t be blamed. I have also undergone this discrimination just because I’m a Muslim and though I’m not from Afghanistan.

    I would congratulate you for having achieved this scholarship and i believe that you can do much much more for your country and for your studies because you are a highly motivated, energetic, dynamic and talented youth. Wish you all the best for the future and hope to read more from your writings. I’m happy to have meet such a great person like you. 😉

    1. Mohammad Nahbill Hussain Ibrahim… Thank you very much for your valuable inputs regarding the article and respect that your paying… I am all grateful for all your wordings brother..

  3. u r the bestest pal i had ever in my entire life i feel safe blessed to b with u my beloved friend though i am your senior i always learn hell many things when ever u r around me i love u tonns dear friend lot of hopes on u make sure u wont let anyone of us down wish u all the best for the rest rock my baby ………;)))))

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