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Bala Esar Castle

BALA ESAR CASTLE- A historical place exits in the capital city of the land – Afghanistan

The Bala Hissar or High Fortress was the ancient seat of power at Kabul dating back to the 5th century AD. It was located south of the city overlooking the houses and bazaars from a commanding height. In July 1879, having negotiated the Treaty of Gandamak with the new Amir Yakub Ali, whereby the presence of a British Resident in Kabul was agreed to, Sir Louis Cavagnari arrived to take up the post.

Just two months later in the volatile atmosphere, he and his mission were killed by Afghan troops and the Residency was sacked. It was obvious that despite the treaty the Afghan war was far from over, and the troops from the first part of the campaign begun in 1878 were recalled to take Kabul in a second phase. General Roberts and his soldiers occupied the city and the fortress was partially destroyed by them in retaliation for the killing of the British Resident.


Act of minority does not represent a nation

Life is running as per designed and desired, studying in bangalore’s one of well-known institutions affiliated with the state’s university.  India has always been part of the places where I somehow had in mind to visit and learn about its cultural diversity and of course to learn how incredible it is.

I am done with my first semester’s management exams and December 2013 – Holidays – are happening. Everyone has already set their plans for this whole month vacation. Some might have already left for their places and some for GOA because they believe GOA is one of beautiful places where you can go to beaches to connect with bitches. But I have this total different and simple plan for this whole month in order to cope up with the BORE. For weekends we have these same usual human rights classes at St. Joseph College and World Organization of Students and Youth’s activities. For the rest of the week I can sit back home,  learn how to cook, read some stories worth learning and pay visits to some of the places where I would love to know about and that includes some of the pals’ places too.

10th – Dec 2013, We were having a cherish-able moment, taking snaps with funny poses, having a great yet funny chat with friends and my love – Samsung Galaxy s3 in my hand chatting with friends from around the globe.  I never cared for what really happened at FRRO – Foreign Regional Registrar Office on the basis of color, creed and country because back home I have always been taught not to judge a on the basis of act of minority. Hatreds received that can be counted under the form of discrimination/harassment but I never gave importance to any of them due to some real good,  educated and human hearted people around me on whom I can actually count.

We were on our way towards a friend’s home when I heard “Hey, jao re jao” in a very local kannadaian accent. Alright we are going, said one of my friends and when I turned back to see what’s happening, that’s when I felt a solid punch on my head. I was curious to know why when I felt a sever burn on my face caused by a kind of spray the other guy used.  I including some friends suffered for almost an hour due to the burning chemical used on our faces. Tried to run with our eyes closed without even caring that we may hit any vehicle or anything that can cause an end to our lives. Perhaps we were more anxious about our faces rather lives because we had heard a lot about acid cases from around the country.

We turned back to check if they are still after us but they weren’t. It was the moment of relaxation but who knew the worst was somewhere round the corner. We were planning to get back to our rooms when we faced a double or perhaps the triple increase in numbers and attacked us with metals and sticks in their hands  and if by chance it hits you once,  you almost have a tata, bye bye to your life. That’s when and how I lost my phone and realized the serious need for exercise for I surely want to run fast in future incidents.
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