A Groovy Afghanistan before War

Afghanistan back in 1970s, who’s vibrant and thriving culture is lost in times
Afghanistan in 1940

Born in Afghanistan’s Parwan province on 2nd – Dec – 1992 and migrated to Pakistan in 1999 due to the civil war that took place and when Taliban got the total control over the land – Afghanistan. From the day I was born till date, I have only heard of Afghanistan’s being lucky during the democratic reign of Dr. Najeebullah Ahmadzai.

Receiving primary and secondary education from another country for 13 years almost took me in to the dark knowledge about my own culture, tradition and the love for the country. Perhaps it is all because i was grown in there due to which i face a lot of hurdle while communicating with my own Afghans in Dari – Afghan Language.

But perceptions changed when i visited a community Facebook Page and it took me to the vibrant and thriving cultures that we once had and are now lost in times. Afghanistan is now known as the war zone country where culture, freedom and peace are the wishes that it’s people only dream for and its all dying in their hearts only.

Afghan Girls in 60s – 70s

Before war – Few decades ago Afghan women and men had access to all their rights. The beautiful constructed buildings and the society was just few decades ago when we had Fashion shows, Technology and when students – Girls and boys could mingle in university campuses and cinema theaters but human greed and destructive nature turned Afghanistan’s beautiful future in to ashes.

Going through the photographs, gives an a total picture of Afghanistan when students pursued medical education, When Government had a traditional law and order for the welfare of it’s people and for the future of the youth. It all seems a story in the form of pictures, but was actually true.

This was Afghanistan:

Family Picnics
Family Picnics
Students Nurses At Maternity Hospital, Kabul
Students Nurses At Maternity Hospital, Kabul
Inter Continental Hotel, Kabul

Kabul Medical University During Late 1970s
kandahar airport
Kandahar Airport
Kabul Hotel
Band-e-Amir’s Foreign Visitors – 1970s
ariana airline attendants
Afghan Girl Scout Leaders
Classroom In Kabul
Fashion Model – Early 70s
Kandahar Airport Built in 1960s
Kandahar Airport Built in 1960s
A farm worker around 1980


8 thoughts on “A Groovy Afghanistan before War

  1. This article just enriched me with the knowledge I was searching for abt this poor country which was once a prominent name in the world. Thank U Hayat Amiree for this helpful piece of article. continue writing this way. Its a fantastic way to acknowledge the world about the lost heritage of Afghanistan.

    1. Thank you very much for your valuable input. My endeavors will surely stick to providing such info. Hitting the follow button on my blog will update you about the articles/Posts.

      Thank you once again. Stay Great

    1. Dear Jalal Michael,
      Thank you so much for reading the post and putting forward your valuable inputs. By the way your writings on your blog are worth reading, appreciating and learning. Wish you success with endeavors

      Best Regards,
      Hayat Amiree

  2. You know the saying “one picture equals thousand words”..that’s what you did. I got to know more than I already knew..Actually completely ignorant about this part of the history.. And nice writing style.

  3. The thoughts of revival of promoting true Islamic culture, refusals to accept the changed culture of western nations, Wahhabism encouraged by the Ayatollah Khomeini from Iran 🇮🇷 in 1979, harbouring the ruthless, cruelty towards animals, intolerance to non Muslim religions, harbouring the arms race mafia business, all these types ruined all these Islamic nations.

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