It is beautiful to know

There always is a moment or an opportunity when you have to define the country that you have or love to have after a hell lot of hardships and sufferings but apparently you don’t find suitable words to explain and express.

 Whenever I am asked about it, I apparently find myself trapped because there isn’t just a single topic to discuss about but many. How do I see Afghanistan as a tomorrow after losing thousands of lives? Are we having equal educational opportunities for a liberal future? How can we play our parts in order to give the country a prosperous future? Am I reasonable enough to define it beautiful? Or am I still trapped and fooled to see a new hope?

After all that I got to know from stories filled with experiences and that entire media has portrayed it to the world, I still see Afghanistan as a beautiful country with actual beautiful people living in it.

I was going through a friend’s #Facebook profile and found this video that has portrayed a beautiful picture of tomorrow and explained enough to see a new hope for the country.

It is beautiful to see Gender equality, Unity among tribes, Passion, Sportsmanship, Young Lads giving back to the community, Professionals invested for the future,  and above all love and friendship. It is beautiful to know and to see Afghanistan with a new hope via it’s bright faces (Youth)

The movie has shown enough to understand and predict the brave land. She (The one who has made this short movie) has said it all. Lets say – Two great minds think alike for their country.