She too has a passion

She too has a passion!
she desires to live- a life that she dreams. A life that is hers

Society, honour, respect and dignity
What’s the use when it’s all earned while acting?

Someone please tell them
That life becomes beautiful and reasonable
When she breathes music out of it

Someone please tell them
That she has the right to breathe – at least on her own.

I am a friend but
What’s the use when I can’t be the reason for a happy end.

I want to walk the hurdles. In two, I want to divide her troubles
But damn, miles away I am just a friend.

But at the end, I am happy that she is as strong as a concrete ideology

She can do it and she will
No wall can ever border her dreams, her passion and her life – music

She is now stronger than she seemed, for she has me on the other side, holding her hand, fighting alongside

There I am – A friend


2 thoughts on “She too has a passion

  1. I saw what you did there bro.. I am proud of u and I am sure your mamma will be so proud too.. Stay happy stay strong.. God bless!

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