When once again in Mysore, India

Rs. 360 for two in the pocket when a message knocked from a beloved, ” There is a sudden plan to Mysore palace for dasehra. What say you?”
My prompt reply after a bit of hesitation, ” To hell with everything, I am coming.

She said,” Great, I love you so much.”
“I know that and I can’t let you go without me too”, I replied.

Picked up the phone, dialed a number while zain ( My roommate) was making egg for the lunch. By the way who makes Omelet for lunch? Anyways never mind, it happens when you’re miles away from your family, who always served you with your favorite food.

It’s still ringing and there the disciple – a friend speaks. “Hello, are you ready?”
See, I am totally running out of money and I am waiting for the scholarship department to send me my monthly stipent so if you be supportive enough with financing both of us, we’ll be glad and ready to get picked up after half an hour.

He replied with a comfortable tone and we left our rooms exactly at 3:30 pm.
There always is one in a team who always tries the best to ruin the whole plan with his/her confused assumptions but one hell of a confident and stubborn am I since getting the passes to mysore palace wasn’t a great deal. In fact I didn’t even give a damn about the palace but to kill the boredom and travel- my favorite adventure for living.

“Your train to Mysore will come at 6:30 pm”, Said the ticket counter guy. We were supposed to reach our destiny on or before 8:00 pm. We won’t be able to join, said one of the three ladies who joined us later at the Bangalore city train station. I have this vomiting habit while traveling by bus and so we can’t go.

Well said, “The show must go on”. We had to leave them behind since bus was the only choice to make this trip possible and train was their only choice to travel.

3 hours felt one since they had, of course the man with 24/7 comedy show, with him to bless everyone with laughter and a fine looking lady too – you never know when she finds to read this article, who eventually got with herself home this name – old brainless chipmunk.

Interesting is this, we don’t require to buy passes to get in to the palace. Whoops to the lady who didn’t join due to her confused assumption of not getting passes to the palace.

Mysore palace stands tremendously beautiful on this festival – Dassehra or Dashain covered with yellowish color lights. In the middle of this great crowd, there we found Nana – the guy from Gana. Who is currently the Vice President for FISA,M – Federation for International students Association, Mysore. Thanks to him, For he had a digi-camera with him.

Taken some snaps with the palace and after another coincidental meet up with a group from this Organization that I too am part of it as central executive council member, WOSY – World Organization of Students and Youth, we planned to have dinner in this cool restaurant where they have this free wifi facility. But salute to our active brains, none of our smartphone had charge to make use of this facility.

The food was pretty delicious to be worth spending for and the sweet cold lassi was self explanatory- awesome.

Bhaiya, which means brother, it’s already 11:30 pm and your a total of 5 so you will be charged Rs 170. But we bargained for Rs 150 – I am sure, there is this little brain that you have to imagine about it. Oh didn’t I tell you that Nana asked us to spend the night at his place? Wait there is more.

If you have never acted funny and danced in the middle of the road, in the middle of the night, in the middle of no where and that just for a picture then you have never lived the scary beautiful part of life. Thanks to the auto driver whose auto’s back left tire got punctured on his way.

There is no other way to reach Nana’s place but walk walk and walk. Oh by the way, if i am not wrong, I almost walked 10 kilometres unlike the girls who made it home sooner, For nana had a scooter to drop them. Too much pity on the girls ain’t too healthy too, brother.

Nana has this nice big bed with two pillows and a blanket. Majority in the group been the authority to choose to watch a scary movie – I am never a fan of such movies. Oh, FYI romance, action and animation are always on the priority list. I passed by in the middle of the movie. This freezing weather to distract my sleep made me suffer the whole night and I say, curse be upon chipmunk who had both the pillows and blanket and didn’t even bothered to share.

Visiting Mysore for the second time was definitely not a regret. The fun in the bus, snaps in on everywhere we walked, the funny yet mature talks, the scooter ride with the ladies, the restaurant with free wifi – though was it useless for us all, walking the city in the middle of the night speaks a lot to teach you, there are a lot of beautiful things happening around and you just have to look around, feel it and welcome it all rather criticizing all the time. Perhaps life is all about accepting the way it is and how it’s treating you. Someone said it well, Sometimes people are beautiful not just the way they prepare to look but exactly the way they really are. And believe me or not, I had a beautiful trip due to these beautiful people I’ve had with me.





But hey pals, Stay with me. Who knows that you’ll have fun reading my next piece of experience.


6 thoughts on “When once again in Mysore, India

  1. You know what bro! You are an inspiration to all the people who dare to dream big.
    You excel in conquering hearts.
    Loved street dancing wala part and the ending.

    1. Your inputs are highly valued and appreciated. Though I don’t think so I do really win hearts but definitely, I get to be the reason behind their fast happy beats.

      Stay tune bunku cause I love to share with you, all I experience in life

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