Morning, ain’t just an ordinary one

The sun has risen with a brighter hope, for a greater purpose. The whole city is drawn with a perfect stroke of green and fog has helped complete the picture, full of life.

An energetically optimistic lad witnesses not only it all but the delightful chirping of birds, one – perhaps one like him – enjoying the jogging with his head phone on, perhaps is he listening to Louis Armstrong’s “What a wonderful world” and hey, I can hear a sound heading forward and there comes quite a long train horning with all it’s energy, perhaps has it come for a beautiful morning greeting. Compelled is it for it’s purpose to keep heading towards the desired/designed destiny but leaving a lesson behind for his dear friend, there is no pause for life. It has to move on, no matter what.

Heart, after observing it all impatiently waiting for an inhale from the trees of green, skies of blue and clouds of wide but wait, there is something else that is bringing a beautiful memory from the past. Does your brain work too when the heart is already doing a tremendous task? I guess. 

To avail the natural opportunity did it all happen while standing on the roof and claim himself the proof for this great painting the Almighty bestows every early in the morning.

Raised his hands wide open to the sky,

With closed eyes determined to fly.

Memories worth cherishing are all flashing by,

Rewinding the every evening’s walk and the hugs that never meant good bye.

Her beautiful curve that always comes in his dreams,

He sees a beautiful future and setting it in a frame.

He inhales it all running in his head convinced by the heart,

For a beautiful hope, is he grateful to his Lord.




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