Terror in the name of religion

 The picture stands crystal clear whenever the topic, religion, is given the chance to rise to discussion amidst logical people of the land – world. The religious beliefs have been practicing for the last thousands of centuries with an idea, to comfort human souls. The fundamental principle of any religion in this world, be it Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism or Christianity, is to create peace through religious and humanity code of life. 

Said it very well in Islam, ” killing one human being is like murdering the whole humanity” 

Seemingly with the recent inhuman occurrences around the world, the definition of religion has been changed. The acts of terrorism are being labeled under the name of religion. The religious extremists are now the ultimate drivers of terror in the name of religion. Today are we afraid of the word, religion because it advocates terror in the hearts of people. 

Afghanistan is currently facing the menace of terrorism which is eroding the country’s economic development and political system. Since during the last decades, the acts of terrorism have completely damaged the basic infrastructure and economic opportunities. Security concerns have been playing a vital role in discouraging the future investment in the economy of the country. 

Security and terrorist acts threats not only the foreign investors terminate their projects and investments but also the residents of Afghanistan and the national investors prefer investing and their money out of the country in safer countries like UK, USA, Middle East and Europe. Today Afghanistan’s 1/3 population live abroad and prefer for the rest of their lives, for they don’t see a stable social and business life – future in Afghanistan. 

Due to the attacks, the country has been facing great losses: be it in agriculture or infrastructure. The bombing of bridges in Kabul and blockade of roads have let the country’s economical development to a later time. It is well said, “without peace, development is just a dream to live with”

“The act of terrorism has now become an act of religion” 

The recent massacre of 142 including 132 children in the Army Public School, Peshawar has actually portrayed a complete unreal picture of Islam. The perpetrators of such cruel act stand with no chance to represent any religious ideology. The deaths of thousands of innocents in Iraq and Afghanistan have now become both the countries’ 24/7 and the religious extremists offer the credit to religion, which exists in no sacred belief. 

Terrorism has impacted the very ground root of Afghanistan. We had a groovy Afghanistan filled with vibrant and thriving culture before war. But if to have a look on our recent picture, we are only left with a name – a war torn country. Brutal attacks on teachers, students and their schools have occurred throughout much of Afghanistan since 2000. The attacks and the inability of government to stop them, demonstrate the deteriorating security conditions under which Afghans are now living. These attacks are not just criminal offences violation of Afghan law; they are abuses that infringe upon the fundamental right to education. 

The reports have shown on how terrorism impacted on education by bombing the schools, attacks on school teachers and students and thus parents often have a lower threshold for pulling their daughters out of schools than boys, given greater social restrictions on girls’ movement and legitimate concerns about sexual harassment and violence. The attacks have caused the country a great loss; poor school infrastructure: shortage of teachers in particular women, low quality of teaching and poverty. 

Over the past decades, an approximate number of 18000 to 20000 civilians have died because of the war from 2001 to 2014. United Nation Assistance Mission for Afghanistan(UNAMA) says, 2959 killed including 561 children and 235 women in 2005. 

The objectives behind these acts are to instil terror in the hearts of civilians by attacking on “Soft Targets” such as schools and teachers and thus turn them away from a central government that is unable to protect them. And it has affected all aspects of Afghans’ lives; their inability to work, to reach medical care, to go to the market, and to attend schools. Even today a normal innocent citizen of the country is not confident to go to work safely. The families are not sure if he/she will return safe after working day in and out to make both ends meet. The normal lives of the people are affected by the attacks; they live in terror than in peace. 
Today Muslims are treated on a total different scale of judgement which is leading to nothing but hatred. Such acts explain no religion’s principles or objectives and neither do they affect any national flag but the faith in humanity. 

It’s high time for the world to understand the literate meanjng of religion and terrorism and their objectives. The terrorists’ religion is not and has never been Islam. Islam is a religion of peace and prosperity. Any unkind act of minority does not represent Islam. 

So, let’s all of us make this world a better place to live by accepting and respecting each other’s differences. 

The great Charlie Chaplin has said it very well, 

More than machinery we need humanity. 
More than cleverness we need kindness, gentleness.
Without these qualities life will be violent and all will be lost… 

2 thoughts on “Terror in the name of religion

  1. Well expressed – Hayat – totally agree with it. My bottom line is “Religion doesn’t cause terrorism.”

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