1st Bhutan – India Bilateral Youth Dialogue 2016

1st Bhutan - India Bilateral Youth Dialogue

It was indeed a privilege to attend the first Bhutan – India Bilateral Youth Dialogue 2016, representing International Youth Committee (IYC, India) that took place in the capital city, Thimphu. This meeting was crucial for both the countries’ youth to form better policies and plans on engaging them to foster connecting for future collaborations.

On other hand, Bhutan has always been a dream destination so there definitely was a tentative itinerary to explore the country, its culture and the people. A short memoir on Bhutan will soon be published in which I’ll show you the country that is well-known for its monasteries and fortresses. The people whose civility sets them far much better than any other country I have visited so far.


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The 1st Bhutan- India Bilateral Youth Dialogue 2016, held in Ministry of Education, Department of Youth and Sports, Thimphu, Bhutan resulted in drafting the following plan of action.

Thimphu Plan of Action 2016 (Thimphu Youth Declaration 2016)

1) To facilitate the education system in Bhutan and providing new opportunities to access quality education through students exchange program, etc.

2) To extend support and cooperation for the promotion of Game and Sports in Bhutan by providing various training programmes and coaching with new scientific approach and organizing various sports competition like Inter-District Sports Tournaments, etc.

3) To open International Youth Disaster Response Team (IYDRT) Clubs in every schools, colleges, universities and institutions under IYC and also to extend immediate relief, cooperation and supports at the time of any kind of natural disasters through ‘International Youth Disaster Response Team’ like floods, earthquake, etc.;

4) To Open Club25 Bhutan (a youth oriented social club with the concept of donating blood 25 times at 25 years of age) and also to extend supports in promoting and reaching healthcare facilities in remote areas through IYC;

5) To adopt SDGs Village in one of the selected village of Bhutan as a role model village in the World;

6) To promote the culture of both the countries through various cultural exchange programmes;

7) To organise annual youth festival in Bhutan by leaving no one behind specially to hunt the talents amongst the youths to empower themselves;

8) To promote the youth of Bhutan in national and international platforms;

9) To observe 21st February every year as “International Youth Empowerment Day” as a mark of remembrance of handing over of power to youth by the King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, the fifth and current Druk Gyalpo (“Dragon King”) of Bhutan on his birthday.On this day we will call for investing politically and financially to empower young people of the world so that they can help build a more just and sustainable future for all. The day will mark to raise awareness of the importance of empowering youth and It was also decided both the countries youth to promote this day internationally to observe in the years to come &

10) The agenda will be offered for adoption and will be shared widely to both the government with civil society as well as the UN Member States, UN Organizations and UN Secretary-General.


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