National Youth Icon Award 2018 

The National Youth Icon Award 2018 is an honor in the very highest levels of achievement from within the nationwide Indian youth community to create one of the most important events of its kind ever to be staged specially for the most powerful, outstanding & influential youth in India. This year, a total of 15 outstanding youths from across the country received the award in various categories.

A pioneering, unique and prestigious event, The “National Youth Icon Award 2018” are given by IYC – International Youth Committee as the only event that pays tribute to Indian youth’s success across all walks of life; emphasizing inspiring achievements and highlighting inspirational youth role models in the fields of business, social work, sports, education, health, human rights, peace, youth empowerment, entertainment, philanthropy and popular arts and culture, etc.

It has been an absolute honor in being a recipient of the prestigious National Youth Icon Award 2018 for Peace by International Youth Committee. The award has been bestowed upon 13 young leaders from around the country who have had their share of contribution in making this world a better place.

Being born with war and someone who has been living as a refugee for the past 25 years, I have come to believe that what can make this world a better place is the human touch in everything we do and say. The real peace is nowhere but right in the little love, respect, compassion, and humility we portray for not just humans but the environment around us. All the efforts I put, be it with the organizations I work with or the conversations I try to initiate with people sitting with me, I try to make sure he/she leaves the table with a moment of life, a little laughter, a smile, a lesson or a bit of motivation.

Someone once asked me, “what drives you in life?” I said, “people. No, I mean what do you do for yourself?” he explained. I said, what I do for them is for myself. It is blissful to witness the joy, happiness and a little of motivation in others and that you being the reason behind them.

however, it is an honor to be respected by the organization, and with it also comes a great amount of responsibility and I hope to get better at what I do and connect to a greater number of people.

Hayat Amiree Hayat amireeHayat amireeHayat amiree


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