Train to The Kingdom of Bhutan: A Memoir

I always had a dream to visit the kingdom of Bhutan, for I had seen it through some friends’ eyes due to which the curiosity rose to literally experiencing everything that had been narrated by them. I had promised a friend – someone beyond just that word – to visit her in her country one day, it was probably when I get rich but never knew it was going to be that soon and that with hardly anything in budget.

I should probably give the credit to the head of a youth-based organization that I am voluntarily contributing in its growth, for he brought up the idea of 1st Bhutan-India Bilateral Youth Dialogue on 27th of December, 2016 at Thimphu, Bhutan.

“ I want to go to Bhutan, I will even if I have to walk all the way with no money at all”, That’s what I thought after finding ‘ Hayat Amiree’ on the list of delegates representing the organization. Well, don’t worry, Fellas. Those were just mere thoughts!

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From the mountains of Himalaya: A Memoir

Mom always used to tell me that I’ll be traveling a lot, for I have a mole on my right leg – It’s a belief back home but she never told me anything about trekking somewhere in West Sikkim, India which eventually turned out the favorite part of the journey. Well for some reasons she was right, and here I am in India for my bachelor’s degree – Probably waiting for other opportunities too, somewhere out of Asia.

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When once again in Mysore, India

Rs. 360 for two in the pocket when a message knocked from a beloved, ” There is a sudden plan to Mysore palace for dasehra. What say you?”
My prompt reply after a bit of hesitation, ” To hell with everything, I am coming.

She said,” Great, I love you so much.”
“I know that and I can’t let you go without me too”, I replied.

Picked up the phone, dialed a number while zain ( My roommate) was making egg for the lunch. By the way who makes Omelet for lunch? Anyways never mind, it happens when you’re miles away from your family, who always served you with your favorite food.

It’s still ringing and there the disciple – a friend speaks. “Hello, are you ready?”
See, I am totally running out of money and I am waiting for the scholarship department to send me my monthly stipent so if you be supportive enough with financing both of us, we’ll be glad and ready to get picked up after half an hour.

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