Afghanistan After 2014


By: Hayatullah Amiree

The question is being discussed all around the country, in fact all around the world. What will happen to Afghanistan in 2014 or after that? A question that is clicking in everyone’s head and curious to know what will happen to Afghanistan after 2014 exactly the way people were curious about the prediction that the World will end in 2012. There are families who are trying to move out of country before 2014 and the same way the young minds are moving as well.

It’s been 6 months and 4 days that I have been living here in Kabul, Afghanistan and in every political discussions I hear nothing but 2014. I had a debate about 2014 with one of my colleagues at office. He said, explaining his financial status and his desire to study further, “I just want to move out of this country. I am a poor man with ambitions and desires and unfortunately if anything happens to Afghanistan or if once again Taliban attacks the country, these VIPs with lots of money in their pockets can move anywhere they want to because they have their houses and businesses out there and the only people who will suffer will be us, who has nothing but desires to have a better life and who hardly earn bread for the family to let both ends meet and this time I do not want my family to suffer again”. I couldn’t then argue because I am also one of the people like him who have desires, ambitions and a HOPE.

According to news websites and channels, the international Security Assistance Force (ISAAF) troops, including the Australian contingent will withdraw from Afghanistan by 2014. Everyone is worried about the withdrawal and the question. United States force’s purpose was to end war and bring peace and stability, but due to Taliban’s continues attacks on Afghanistan’s different provinces and US Troops, America has lost its hundreds of men-Army while fighting against Taliban. We are stilling loosing innocent lives in Afghanistan, children can not freely go to schools, families are afraid of losing their loved ones. It’s a land full of fear!

On the other hand, according to United States of America’s President-Barack Obama, 2014 will be a year the afghan war will be “OVER”. Will the war be over by 2014?? It is and it will always be a question for all the Afghans.

As far as my personal views are concerned, by 2014 Afghanistan would only face economic and political crisis. We are not going to suffer the war again but things will be quite different. We are going to face problems like education and unemployment. Some business tycoons and social workers are very much optimistic for Afghanistan’s future and they have invested millions of Dollars and worked hard for betterment and stability in Afghanistan so that we don’t face economic and social crisis after 2014-withdrawl of US troops and services.

Afghanistan has quite made enough forces to defend its people and assure security. We have nearly 300,000 National Army and National Police officers.

Chief Warrant Officer Klaus Augustinus is a Danish mentor/advisor to the ANA and is now on his third tour in Afghanistan. He openly admits that he was unimpressed with the ANA in the past, but now he feels they are making real progress. However, he says, it is the insistence on viewing the ANA through the prism of a western army that leads to many problems.

“Always keep in mind that the Afghan way is the right way,” Klaus says. “We’re not going to do it any faster than they can cope with it. Otherwise we’re going to lose.”

And therefore I believe that Afghanistan after 2014 will be as it is but with new challenges.

Long Live Afghanistan!