Blood Donation for hand-to-mouth/destitute mothers

Your bloods are not to be shed but to be donated.”Hayat Amiree”

While Donating

Last year during Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S)’s martyrdom commemoration, one of my next to kins prohibited me from donating blood for the needy people because it was his so called responsibility to keep me safe/healthy. He might/might have not been right in this regard but the fact is that it led me stay quiet and shut up.

This year a day after mother’s day, the parliamentarian Ms. Farkhunda Zahra Naderi decided to go to malalai maternity home and donate blood for those needy and destitute mothers. When I saw this status on I decided that I have to go for it this time without consulting with anyone about it.

I was working on peace campaign for Ms. Masaouda Karokhi- MP from Herat province of Afghanistan. She is nominated as ROLE MODEL FOR PEACE 2013, I was inviting people to vote for her when I received a call to gather at HNKB Cultural Centre and leave for Malalai maternity home around 10:00 am which we did accordingly. Always had the fear of needle and never allowed the doctors during childhood to inject me and today the conditions were almost the same but then I had to hold on for a while and think about those needy women and how some CCs of blood can save their lives and bring smiles on their faces.

We always talk about peace in our country rather thinking about how to bring it. We always advice others regarding peace but never know how to implement those dialogues in our daily lives. If really want to bring peace then everyone must think about it carefully, peace can only be found in hearts. Wisdom and clarity much reach to everyone’s ear. Men can bring peace after bringing God’s justice so before we speak about peace, let us acquire God’s words in ourselves and if we can do that our speeches can be fruitful and peace can be established rather shedding the bloods of our brothers/sisters in the name of peace.

Well getting back to the topic, we donated 8000 ml blood with a team of seventeen people including the parliamentarian/women rights activist herself but the bad news is that we had only juices for refreshment. I know it’s funny but I have to think about this lovely belly as well that I am holding with me.

I have done my bit after donating 500 ml blood for the needy women/mothers in order to bring change and positivity. have you?

May Afghanistan be in peace and may all respect their mothers and be a working shoulder for them as they were there to support when we were kids. May all realize the moment when parents expect in particular mothers and may we all stand on their expectations.

Long Live Afghanistan!


Mother’s Day Celebration

I saw thousand smiles on thousand amazing, hardworking and iron women (mother) of Afghanistan on today’s event. “Hayat Amiree”


The day started quite tiring after sleeping late night around 1:00 am. I am sure my friends from Karachi, Pakistan would definitely wonder because Karachi in itself is a city of lights and busyness where people sleep around 2 or 3 am but it is Kabul, Afghanistan friends, We usually sleep around 8:00 or 9:00 pm.  It was around 9:30 am in this morning when I received a call from one of my colleagues for today’s program – Mother’s Day Celebration.

The program took place at Hakim Nasir Khusraw Balkhi Cultural Centre’s conference hall where the largest Quran-e-Sharif exists in this world. Hundreds of women were invited to celebrate mother’s day and to honor them for their kindness, generosity and being an inspirational personality in everyone’s life. I know I can’t express it quite well because these wordings won’t be enough for me to express my love for my mother and all the mothers around the world.

When I entered HNKB Cultural Centre, at first I saw girls moving around and for a moment I was wondering if its mother’s or girl’s day or if God has become too kind to me but then after hearing some old voices from the conference hall, I came to know the reason behind the crowd.

The day organized by a well known personality in our society – H.E Ms.Farkhunda Zahra Naderi, the founder of Chadari foundation – a foundation based on women’s rights, executive director of HNKB Cultural Centre, women rights activist, member of Inter Parliamentarian union for democracy and human rights committee and currently is Member of Parliament representing Kabul, Afghanistan. When I saw those mothers’ smiles and them taking part in the event to express themselves, I really felt good and proud for having such amazing mother who has always encouraged me and I remember that whenever I was about to fail in life, my mother was there to hold my hand and give me the confidence to do more and more in life.

Therefore I highly appreciate their (Mothers) efforts and everlasting stamina for bestowing their children a different world with a different path. Wish you all a very Happy Mothers’ Day!