So here comes summer, finally got some moment to cheer.

Like some of you, I have already made my long lasting sleep schedule and will be waiting for my scholarship response. Now you must be cursing yourself for reading this article but I can’t do anything with that because that’s a natural phenomenon..


Summer is said to be the most joyful and adventurous moment of one’s life but  for some it doesn’t matter either its summer of winter, their life routine always remain the same but  for youngsters these two months are the most cherish-able and experiencing moment of their lives that could remain engraved in their hearts till eternity.

A picture defies feelings more than a thousand words. Those who have passion for photography, C’mon Guys! What you looking for? An opportunity?  Let me make it clear for you that life sets opportunities at  every single stage and it’s all about you how you take benefit  from it and explore yourself. This is the moment for you to capture every beautiful scenes of Karachi or the real picture of PAKISTAN- AAM AWAAM in order to bring change or awareness in the society

To capture a moment you don’t need to be a professional photographer or have a professional camera, you just need to have a simple digi-camera and then let the reels roll.

Those who love music, whatever your name but surely music is your game. So get your guitar or any musical instrument you love to play and keep on practicing perhaps in future, I see you as a well known musician and a well known personality in our music industry and then I will curse myself to give you such advice J

So all those adventure loving people get out of your bed and make this  summer happening.

Happy summer holiday!