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Hayatullah Amiree, popularly known as Hayat, became part of Bangalore, the Garden City of India, from the year 2013, when he moved in to pursue his Bachelors in Business Management. Having got admission in the city’s well reputed college, Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies (affiliated to Bangalore University), Hayat made his presence felt in the university initially. From then, there was no looking back. His determination and enthusiasm coupled with brilliance helped him prove his excellence in various fields like National & International Seminars and Conferences, Management and Cultural Fests, various Student Organizations apart from being best in academics. Besides, he has earned a Diploma in Human Rights Studies in sideways with his main course of study.  He was also selected as the President of Afghan Association in Acharya Institutes. His excellent oratorical skill found him numerous venues from whence he stole the heart of his audience.

His merits have always brought him awards, recognition and appreciations. His exemplary performance in and out of College fetched him the coveted Best Outgoing Student of the Institution Award, 2016. The College has proudly included him as a Member in the Internal Quality Assurance Cell – IQAC, an internal cell within the institution to examine the quality of education prevailing in the country representing the entire student body. This deserves a special mention as Mr. Amiree is the first student to be included in the IQAC by the College.

Having come all the way from Afghanistan, this young man has done his basic education from Pakistan. Hayat always believed in to become meritorious. This was the result of his hard upbringing. He has been part of various organizations before he made his presence in India as a student.  He strongly believes in becoming the backbone of a nation, leading it towards national integration with self-confidence. Being very optimistic, he stands tall and proud to represent the energetic and free-spirited Afghan who strives every moment for what sounds like more peaceful and prosperous in tomorrow.  He has a vision of developing his country through empowerment of children, youth and women.  As a matter of fact, he has an intention to bring that by social work and activities in order to eliminate poverty, unemployment, social abuses, terrorism, global threats and any kind of violence.  His bachelor degree and his diploma in Human rights are his major tools in order to combat that because he does not want any other adolescent to go through the same plight as him, to suffer in the same way, to have the same hardship as he had.  In fact, life has not been easy for him since he had to immigrate to Pakistan at an early age not by flight, not by any means of transport but instead, on foot to find the grass greener over there because of certain intruders into his country whereby he was made a stranger in his own land.

Professionally, he has been gifted with an art from the Almighty – the art of speaking.  The communication talent in his blood has been beneficial for him.  As a result, he started his career by a public speaker in Pakistan and when coming to Bangalore, it was a field full of opportunities.  He began by hosting petty shows in the university before making the big step in the domain of anchoring and actually mastering it from head to toe due to his capabilities such as being a passionate speaker, an energetic lad grooving the audience and being unbiased simultaneously.  The following is a list of his professionally hosted shows:

  1. ACHARYA HABBA 2013 – 2016 (Bangalore’s biggest fest)
  4. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS DAY BY FISAB (Federation of International Students of Bangalore)
  5. INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY BY WOSY (World Organization of students and Youth)

Public speaking was also one of his attributes in order to make use of his God-gifted talent.  He has been to several platforms whereby he has delivered the message of leadership, inspiring youth, motivating to endure in life, representing his own native country – Afghanistan.  The following shows some of his public speaking events:

  1. MODEL UNITED NATIONS BY IIMB (Indian institute of Management)
  2. 96TH INDEPENDENCE DAY OF AFGHANISTAN (chief guest on behalf of all Afghans)
  3. PRESIDENT OF AAA for the academic year 2015-2016 (Afghan association of Acharya)
  4. BHARATIYA CHATRA SANSAD 2016 (Indian students parliament)

These are all a few examples of his achievements as a speaker be it on a formal or informal platform.  He is definitely not someone who is going to stop at such a flourishing stage but instead, he is willing to explore more of his communication capabilities as he is versatile in languages being a speaker in English, Persian, Urdu, Hindi and Bhojpuri.





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