National Youth Icon Award 2018 

The National Youth Icon Award 2018 is an honor in the very highest levels of achievement from within the nationwide Indian youth community to create one of the most important events of its kind ever to be staged specially for the most powerful, outstanding & influential youth in India. This year, a total of 15 outstanding youths from across the country received the award in various categories. Continue reading “National Youth Icon Award 2018 “


Youth Peace Parliament 2017 & Training on Nonviolence

During the month of November, I was scheduled to leave for Ajmer city, to attend our national assembly where members of United Religions Initiative from India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Srilanka would attend but a friend cum colleague nominated me for training on Nonviolence conducted by Nonviolence Project Foundation, India. Being someone born amidst violence and atrocities, the idea of equipping myself with the right skills to spread peace and the message of nonviolence rose to fascination. Continue reading “Youth Peace Parliament 2017 & Training on Nonviolence”

International Students Conference on Environment and Climate Change

Initiated by G3S Foundation, United Religions Initiative (URI) – North India and Afghanistand and Bishnoi Community as the foundational step to make the world a better place to live for generations to come, the event took place from 3rd – 6th of June, 2017 at Buddajohar, Dabla Village, Rajasthan India.

On my arrival, did I learn that Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan is the hottest place in India, having 49 degree Celsius at that time and despite that, the Bishnoi School girls had prepared a welcome parade for me. I lacked not of the will but the words to truly express my sincere gratitude to Bishnoi School kids for their immense love and respect. Seeing them sweat under the burning heat of the sun while performing the parade with passion and sincerity, I just melted in that moment.

United Religion Initiative’s basic principal is to build bridge among interfaith communities; to ensure peace and unity. I was assigned to represent the same ideology and deliver the message that carries the importance of environment and humans on this planet that are interconnected. I have had a wonderful time with the people of the village, be it during the interactive sessions with the youngsters and the villagers regarding our differences in treating our environment or during lunch in Bishnoi Dharamshala regarding our stances on human rights and religiously motivated matters.

As a passionate public speaker, I enjoy connecting, for I foresee a tremendous exchange of energy between us that is pure and simple.

While presenting a pen to a girl for her hard work and dedication at school, I shook her hand wishing her best with future endeavors. I could see her bright open eyes as if someone is dreaming in real that was when she said, “I will never forget this handshake and I promise that I will become a navy officer”

Moments that remain in my heart are the times of true human encounter when we both exchange lessons for life. It is true that people are prettiest when they talk about something they really love with passion in their eyes.

The organizers ( G3S Foundation) and Bishnoi Community’s efforts are commendable. Their hard work and dedication was portrayed in the form of performances by the school kids at the exhibition and cultural night. The environment awareness program included Yoga, Water Campaign Rally and Tree Plantation.

Protecting environment, safeguarding animals and the right utilization of water are the core values of Bishnoi Community. I believe the team had an intension of teaching them but instead, they returned with abundance of lessons from them.

At last, I would like to offer my sincere gratitude to Subhi Dhupar, the regional Coordinator of URI for North India and Afghanistan and the heads of G3S Foundation, Mr. Anil Kumar, the president of G3S Foundation and its secretary general, Mr. Deepak Kumar for their confidence and faith.


Train to The Kingdom of Bhutan: A Memoir

I always had a dream to visit the kingdom of Bhutan, for I had seen it through some friends’ eyes due to which the curiosity rose to literally experiencing everything that had been narrated by them. I had promised a friend – someone beyond just that word – to visit her in her country one day, it was probably when I get rich but never knew it was going to be that soon and that with hardly anything in budget.

I should probably give the credit to the head of a youth-based organization that I am voluntarily contributing in its growth, for he brought up the idea of 1st Bhutan-India Bilateral Youth Dialogue on 27th of December, 2016 at Thimphu, Bhutan.

“ I want to go to Bhutan, I will even if I have to walk all the way with no money at all”, That’s what I thought after finding ‘ Hayat Amiree’ on the list of delegates representing the organization. Well, don’t worry, Fellas. Those were just mere thoughts!

Continue reading “Train to The Kingdom of Bhutan: A Memoir”

1st Bhutan – India Bilateral Youth Dialogue 2016

1st Bhutan - India Bilateral Youth Dialogue

It was indeed a privilege to attend the first Bhutan – India Bilateral Youth Dialogue 2016, representing International Youth Committee (IYC, India) that took place in the capital city, Thimphu. This meeting was crucial for both the countries’ youth to form better policies and plans on engaging them to foster connecting for future collaborations.

On other hand, Bhutan has always been a dream destination so there definitely was a tentative itinerary to explore the country, its culture and the people. A short memoir on Bhutan will soon be published in which I’ll show you the country that is well-known for its monasteries and fortresses. The people whose civility sets them far much better than any other country I have visited so far.


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The 1st Bhutan- India Bilateral Youth Dialogue 2016, held in Ministry of Education, Department of Youth and Sports, Thimphu, Bhutan resulted in drafting the following plan of action.

Thimphu Plan of Action 2016 (Thimphu Youth Declaration 2016)

1) To facilitate the education system in Bhutan and providing new opportunities to access quality education through students exchange program, etc.

2) To extend support and cooperation for the promotion of Game and Sports in Bhutan by providing various training programmes and coaching with new scientific approach and organizing various sports competition like Inter-District Sports Tournaments, etc.

3) To open International Youth Disaster Response Team (IYDRT) Clubs in every schools, colleges, universities and institutions under IYC and also to extend immediate relief, cooperation and supports at the time of any kind of natural disasters through ‘International Youth Disaster Response Team’ like floods, earthquake, etc.;

4) To Open Club25 Bhutan (a youth oriented social club with the concept of donating blood 25 times at 25 years of age) and also to extend supports in promoting and reaching healthcare facilities in remote areas through IYC;

5) To adopt SDGs Village in one of the selected village of Bhutan as a role model village in the World;

6) To promote the culture of both the countries through various cultural exchange programmes;

7) To organise annual youth festival in Bhutan by leaving no one behind specially to hunt the talents amongst the youths to empower themselves;

8) To promote the youth of Bhutan in national and international platforms;

9) To observe 21st February every year as “International Youth Empowerment Day” as a mark of remembrance of handing over of power to youth by the King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, the fifth and current Druk Gyalpo (“Dragon King”) of Bhutan on his birthday.On this day we will call for investing politically and financially to empower young people of the world so that they can help build a more just and sustainable future for all. The day will mark to raise awareness of the importance of empowering youth and It was also decided both the countries youth to promote this day internationally to observe in the years to come &

10) The agenda will be offered for adoption and will be shared widely to both the government with civil society as well as the UN Member States, UN Organizations and UN Secretary-General.


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World Youth Conference, 2016.

World Youth Conference “Youth for Sustainable Development” from 12th November – 14th November 2016 at Vigyan Bhawan in New Delhi, India facilitated a process that strengthens effective youth participation in the planning, implementation and evaluation of various global issues of the world which refers to the process of defining the future global development framework that will succeed the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) of the United Nation.

The Conference  also focused on an inclusive platform for youth that enables them to review the progress of the SDG’s, share ideas, experiences and innovative approaches for effectively contributing to the SDG framework and its implementation.

Hosting this conference has been a tremendous experience so far.


I have learned it that when you’re in stress and pressure, you tend to lose yourself most of the time, but know it, that is when you’re out of that comfortable zone so take that as an opportunity to growth rather than a burden. You can’t put the blame on the organization if it’s hard for you to cope up, forget about doing better. You need to stick to the point when your hardest hit cause it’s when, at times, things go wrong that you must not quit.

It hit me many times while I were laying accusations that not every time, things will go smooth and according to the plan. You wanted to be a leader, right? Now, deal with it. You know what you’re best at? Connecting! Yes, that’s the number one criteria for your advancement and you know how to connect? No? Look, man. We humans have a tendency that we will only listen to you if we’re important to you. Now, go and put value in your audience and connect!

And so did I learn that if I ever want to accomplish my goals, I must connect in a way that it will not only be effective but a very enjoyable experience for me and everyone in the room.




For many performers or well known speakers, its very important for them to be valued by their listeners but for me, I love my audience. It is crucial for a connector to first value his audience if he has a passion for public speaking and a plan to sustain.

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and in between a lot of work, it is healthy to sit down for a while and have a cup of coffee with the woman you like 😉


Pamir International Model United Nations 2016

PIMUN 2016’s spirit vibrated across every province of Afghanistan, touching young hearts. It happened for the first time in the history of Afghanistan and with persistent dedication and hard work, we proudly claimed the word ‘ Grand Success’.

PIMUN 2016 have had the privilege of having distinguished guest of speakers at the opening ceremony such as H.E Dr. Ashraf Ghani, The President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, The first lady of Ismalic Republif of Afghanistan, The Deputy of Chief Executive, Ustad Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq, The Embassador of Sweden in Afghanistan and the special representative of European Union.


The President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, H.E Dr. Ashraf Ghani


Connecting with the International Delegates



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With 330 above participants, we are proud and happy to have touched many hearts while being the catalyst for change in a warn torn country like Afghanistan.

With H.E The President and H.E The First Lady of Islamic Republic Of Afghanistan

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From the mountains of Himalaya: A Memoir

Mom always used to tell me that I’ll be traveling a lot, for I have a mole on my right leg – It’s a belief back home but she never told me anything about trekking somewhere in West Sikkim, India which eventually turned out the favorite part of the journey. Well for some reasons she was right, and here I am in India for my bachelor’s degree – Probably waiting for other opportunities too, somewhere out of Asia.

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Kabul to Bangalore

  “A Journey that an afghan lad has always desired for”

kabul to bangalore

It was June 18th 2012 that we left Karachi, Pakistan for Kabul after an incredible curiosity for undergraduate scholarship in order to pave my way for success, that had brought me nothing but disappointment and discouragement. Knocking government’s every educational office’s doors for the verification of my intermediate certificates and their way of making me realize that I am an Afghan and I do NOT belong to this country- Pakistan though my love for this country was always worth praising because I have had the best people around me within those 2 years’ worth cherishing moments of my college life and the love will always remain the same because I know the fact that the act of minority doesn’t represent a nation, caste or religion.

Asking for character certificate from police department as a requirement for Brunei Darussalam’s undergraduate scholarship application 2011-2012 and not bribing them (cops) a single penny, was almost like snatching their salary exactly the way the robbers used to snatch my mobile phone worth 400 rupees on gun point but the gratitude would definitely go to ma’am shahida – An advocate from UNCHR’s office who helped me by not letting the police to get the money out of my poor pocket aaah! what would they get out of it when it was all empty.

The struggle, curiosity and sticking desire was always there for this undergraduate scholarship because I knew it that without this scholarship word in my life I will not be able to get what I always wished for within just the required time. I knew it that I had to stick to the point and hold on the grip and not to lose hope in order to be a productive member of this so called society and I knew that I will soon be the only one in my family who then be called a well-educated person. The desire was/is not only to make the family feel proud but the country while being part of a positive change for the youth and bring awareness regarding education, gender equality, business or anything that can inspire them to do more in life for the sake of humanity, for the sake of love for the country – People.

Getting back to the track, I can still remember one of those summer season’s day when the laborers/drivers were all under the burning heat of the sun striving for life, when I was sitting at a corner of my room with a coolest friend – dell Laptop core i3 – waiting curiously for this Brunei Darussalam scholarship’s result for which I had to struggle and face all these hiccups for almost a year. Was using this famous social networking site – Facebook and updating a status about Karachi’s load shedding  when I received this email:
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Blood Donation for hand-to-mouth/destitute mothers

Your bloods are not to be shed but to be donated.”Hayat Amiree”

While Donating

Last year during Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S)’s martyrdom commemoration, one of my next to kins prohibited me from donating blood for the needy people because it was his so called responsibility to keep me safe/healthy. He might/might have not been right in this regard but the fact is that it led me stay quiet and shut up.

This year a day after mother’s day, the parliamentarian Ms. Farkhunda Zahra Naderi decided to go to malalai maternity home and donate blood for those needy and destitute mothers. When I saw this status on I decided that I have to go for it this time without consulting with anyone about it.

I was working on peace campaign for Ms. Masaouda Karokhi- MP from Herat province of Afghanistan. She is nominated as ROLE MODEL FOR PEACE 2013, I was inviting people to vote for her when I received a call to gather at HNKB Cultural Centre and leave for Malalai maternity home around 10:00 am which we did accordingly. Always had the fear of needle and never allowed the doctors during childhood to inject me and today the conditions were almost the same but then I had to hold on for a while and think about those needy women and how some CCs of blood can save their lives and bring smiles on their faces.

We always talk about peace in our country rather thinking about how to bring it. We always advice others regarding peace but never know how to implement those dialogues in our daily lives. If really want to bring peace then everyone must think about it carefully, peace can only be found in hearts. Wisdom and clarity much reach to everyone’s ear. Men can bring peace after bringing God’s justice so before we speak about peace, let us acquire God’s words in ourselves and if we can do that our speeches can be fruitful and peace can be established rather shedding the bloods of our brothers/sisters in the name of peace.

Well getting back to the topic, we donated 8000 ml blood with a team of seventeen people including the parliamentarian/women rights activist herself but the bad news is that we had only juices for refreshment. I know it’s funny but I have to think about this lovely belly as well that I am holding with me.

I have done my bit after donating 500 ml blood for the needy women/mothers in order to bring change and positivity. have you?

May Afghanistan be in peace and may all respect their mothers and be a working shoulder for them as they were there to support when we were kids. May all realize the moment when parents expect in particular mothers and may we all stand on their expectations.

Long Live Afghanistan!

Mother’s Day Celebration

I saw thousand smiles on thousand amazing, hardworking and iron women (mother) of Afghanistan on today’s event. “Hayat Amiree”


The day started quite tiring after sleeping late night around 1:00 am. I am sure my friends from Karachi, Pakistan would definitely wonder because Karachi in itself is a city of lights and busyness where people sleep around 2 or 3 am but it is Kabul, Afghanistan friends, We usually sleep around 8:00 or 9:00 pm.  It was around 9:30 am in this morning when I received a call from one of my colleagues for today’s program – Mother’s Day Celebration.

The program took place at Hakim Nasir Khusraw Balkhi Cultural Centre’s conference hall where the largest Quran-e-Sharif exists in this world. Hundreds of women were invited to celebrate mother’s day and to honor them for their kindness, generosity and being an inspirational personality in everyone’s life. I know I can’t express it quite well because these wordings won’t be enough for me to express my love for my mother and all the mothers around the world.

When I entered HNKB Cultural Centre, at first I saw girls moving around and for a moment I was wondering if its mother’s or girl’s day or if God has become too kind to me but then after hearing some old voices from the conference hall, I came to know the reason behind the crowd.

The day organized by a well known personality in our society – H.E Ms.Farkhunda Zahra Naderi, the founder of Chadari foundation – a foundation based on women’s rights, executive director of HNKB Cultural Centre, women rights activist, member of Inter Parliamentarian union for democracy and human rights committee and currently is Member of Parliament representing Kabul, Afghanistan. When I saw those mothers’ smiles and them taking part in the event to express themselves, I really felt good and proud for having such amazing mother who has always encouraged me and I remember that whenever I was about to fail in life, my mother was there to hold my hand and give me the confidence to do more and more in life.

Therefore I highly appreciate their (Mothers) efforts and everlasting stamina for bestowing their children a different world with a different path. Wish you all a very Happy Mothers’ Day!

Winter Aid for Unprivileged People

Here we go with another experience that i cherished with a DSLR Camera. You would wonder the possibilities with a camera but  trust me every time i click, it teaches me something new about photography, angles and techniques.

After a hell lot of bundle of work till mid night, i had to spend the night at office because on the very next day we had a program of distributing winter aid for the unprivileged people of Kabul, Afghanistan by H.E Ms.Farkhunda Zahra Naderi, a member of parliament’s lower house – Representing Kabul Province.

On this winter camp i had to be with the secretary of H.E Ms Naderi to finalize the whole expenditure of the event – Winter Camp for unprivileged people, photography, synchronizing pictures, data entry, responding emails and many other office works.

It was 20th February around 7:00 am early in the morning when i heard a voice as if someone is calling me from around 200 meter far and the words are – Hayat Bekhez Nawakht Shuda which means Hayat wake up, it’s getting late. When i woke up i felt like I’d just slept due to the tiring tasks from morning till mid night. it was the third day of the event and my task during the distribution of winter aid for unprivileged people was to capture every moment of the event. I woke up and went to the market with one of my colleagues to capture some while loading the aids. For breakfast we had BOLANI – Traditional and the most delicious food of Afghanistan- accompanied by drivers and other workers.

After an amazing time, having breakfast with those gentlemen, we moved on towards the targeted venue for the distribution of aids which was pool e hasan, a place in Kabul quite near to American University of Afghanistan, one of the finest university of Afghanistan from where the most energetic and enthusiastic lads of Afghanistan happen to be the future of the land – Afghanistan. Continue reading “Winter Aid for Unprivileged People”

Breakfast with some Afghan kids having million dollars worth smile

The morning began normally; I got ready go to an elimination of violence against women based conference with minster of Afghan culture and information. I along one of a kind friend of my mine was on the way when we got the call that the conference is postponed till 2:00 pm. It was good news for both of us because we had a break, now you must be curious about the happenings during the break time like I was.

We decided to go to a coffee shop because we didn’t have our breakfast and we were damn hungry too. My friend was entering in to that shop when I realized that I need a change of 5$ because that was all I had in my pocket. I exchanged that 5 $ into 250 AFS and came back to the shop, we were having our tea when I got the glance of two boys named as MEHR ALI and JAN ALI. Their way of eating KALA PAICHA (an afghan traditional food for breakfast), way of dressing, smiling to each other and curiously looking at us were totally fascinating and that really compelled me to go to them and have the breakfast together and more importantly because they were one of us and part of the route for Afghanistan’s future.


After a warm greeting, those boys offered my friend as well to join for breakfast, though those boys are not educated but mature enough to understand how to behave with strangers and elders and that is our culture value. After having some words together, we asked the boys for an interview and fortunately they agreed. Their names were MEHR ALI and JAN ALI. Mehr Ali is in class 4 and jan ali is in class 3. They polish shoes to earn bread for the family and let both ends meet so that they don’t have to beg for anything. They pull out all the stops to cope up with both studies and financial crises, they earn 150 AFS each on daily basis and their fathers are labors with a daily income of 300 AFS each and there are moments for them when the whole day, they don’t even earn a single penny for bread. We always think of change, peace in our country. Different topics might have been discussed to implement for the betterment of Afghanistan but I think child labor should be the only topic to be discussed because children (upcoming generation) are the route for Afghanistan’s future and till we don’t educate our route, the future can never be as we desire to have. When we rose a question about their future career that what they wanted to be in future, it really made me feel bad because for once they had nothing to say but compulsion. They can only think about their presents adding as if their futures have been lost somewhere in darkness. After a little bit force Jan Ali shared that he wants to become a Doctor so that he can help his country and be a part of change.




Having a nice conversation with those energetic boys having million dollars worth smile really made my day and I wish they have a bright future and their dreams become true.


Long live Afghanistan!!



So here comes summer, finally got some moment to cheer.

Like some of you, I have already made my long lasting sleep schedule and will be waiting for my scholarship response. Now you must be cursing yourself for reading this article but I can’t do anything with that because that’s a natural phenomenon..


Summer is said to be the most joyful and adventurous moment of one’s life but  for some it doesn’t matter either its summer of winter, their life routine always remain the same but  for youngsters these two months are the most cherish-able and experiencing moment of their lives that could remain engraved in their hearts till eternity.

A picture defies feelings more than a thousand words. Those who have passion for photography, C’mon Guys! What you looking for? An opportunity?  Let me make it clear for you that life sets opportunities at  every single stage and it’s all about you how you take benefit  from it and explore yourself. This is the moment for you to capture every beautiful scenes of Karachi or the real picture of PAKISTAN- AAM AWAAM in order to bring change or awareness in the society

To capture a moment you don’t need to be a professional photographer or have a professional camera, you just need to have a simple digi-camera and then let the reels roll.

Those who love music, whatever your name but surely music is your game. So get your guitar or any musical instrument you love to play and keep on practicing perhaps in future, I see you as a well known musician and a well known personality in our music industry and then I will curse myself to give you such advice J

So all those adventure loving people get out of your bed and make this  summer happening.

Happy summer holiday!


By: Hayatullah Amiree

Over the decades of war, women who have been the victim of discrimination and domination because of contrasting perceptions that people associate with. It’s high time for all the victims – the innocent civilians – to defend their rights. Say no to discrimination and domination. Say NO to getting bullied.

As far as my experience of debating with w…omen are concerned, the majority accuse men of the land – AFGHANISTAN – to be the cause of creating violence to them and dominating them. Simply feels like they literally hate all men and whenever I put forward my opinion with a different perception, I receive a reaction as if I was one of those “men.” I believe that all the men who were or are the reason for creating violence and domination are just because of the organizations or societies that lead them towards misconception of dealing with their ego and ideologies of life – a path that we always speak of is required from these men to get to the right path just like our parents have always advised us all to follow.

Let me add an example of a girl who was born into a prostitute family and was told or taught to do all those acts, believing that those acts are right to do! Now, what is the fault of that innocent girl who is taught that prostitution is the right way of her life? What is the fault of the girl, who we – our society calls a WHORE? Is it the girl who should be blamed and stopped or the one – organization – authorized person who has financed them for such a business…

Instead of being judgmental we should get to know the root of the problem in order to bring change and the only way we can bring is to change people’s understanding regarding the principles of life.

Yes, I believe that the majority of the populations who suffered the pain during the war in AFGHANISTAN and even to this day are WOMEN! However, there are two types of men in our society… the one who has suffered the pain of losing his wife, sons and daughters and the other who has made other people suffer just because of their hypocrite minds. My friend – Fariha Faqiri, labels those men as “greedy for money, power and fame.” With a visionary mind, she once added in a conversation with me that …

– “We must understand that the world is full of people that are greedy for money, power and fame. I don’t blame them either. But, when we have control of tomorrow, when in today’s society and world we have access to so many resources and we have knowledge of what is going on in the world it becomes our duty to get up and fight for truth and justice. I, since I was 11 have been in love with my country, with my Watan, with my culture, tradition and people. Nothing in this world, no one can degrade Afghanistan or Afghans in my site because I love it with my heart, because I accept and see the good within the bad.”

I must say my friend that youth like you with the same love and patriotism could bring a great revolution. Proud to have such Afghans!

We must find peace, tranquility, happiness, unity, love and good qualities within our own lives, within our own innermost hearts. Only a person who does, than can understand the difficulties; the pain and the misery of others. A man of wisdom will know this, understand this, and rectify his own mistakes, and then he can help others.

Long Live Afghanistan!